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from BIG $ILKY Vol. 2 by BIG $ILKY

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We ain’t come to play
Dirty bitch I said what I say
It’s fuck 12 everyday


It’s gettin pretty strange here
Kobe gone and Covid in the same year
Tryna fuck us up with all these same fears
But you gone have to kill me for these same tears
Lane to lane we ain’t here
I don’t know what the fuck you on
You ain’t with me you over there
‘nother maniac, mother bomb
Who’s your daddy? You fuckin scared
Call yo people this shit is awful I got the brothers it’s fuck the law so my gun is polished I’m proper riled up you in the way if you think it’s all luck
God got me
When this shit is all over
They gone lie bout me
But just play my fuckin music back
And vibe on me
Big $ilky in this motherfucker
This our party
Bring your weapons and your message and get live with me


We ain’t come to play
Dirty bitch I said what I say
It’s fuck 12 everyday


You might’ve heard about us
Fuck 12 aint worried bout em
My hands not shackled down,
My feet not bolted,
I’m the riot.
Big $ilky, pig come find me
Burn cities to the ground
Let violence fill the streets,
Won’t be no peace until we tear it down
ain’t no victims here
We built you niggas on our backs,
Think you gone murder all my queens,
My bitches all gone fire back
Fuck having tact, I’m raising girls
They watching me to see the way
If I’mma die on any hill, my sacrifice gone a name,
We need you armed, we don’t need peace
If it ain’t justice for us all, then we ain’t free
I need these nazis swinging high up in these trees
I need a knee on all they necks so they can’t breathe...


from BIG $ILKY Vol. 2, released July 3, 2020
Beat: Custom Made




Psalm One aka Hologram Kizzie Chicago

Psalm One aka Hologram Kizzie is a veteran rap musician from Chicago, Illinois. Having gained notoriety being critical of her role as the first lady of Rhymesayers, she tours the globe, runs a youth mentoring program and releases music of the artists she believes in. Most recently, she's supporting the alt-rap girl group BIG $ILKY.

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