Non​-​Binary (feat. Sophia Eris, Angel Davanport, SHOWYOUSUCK)

from by Psalm One



Psalm One "Non-Binary" featuring Sophia Eris, Angel Davanport, SHOWYOUSUCK

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Bitch is such a ripe juicy insult
Fuck the other side like a nympho
Screw everybody I’m gender neutral
I’m pan-FLEXual, blaka! - sutra
Hallelujah for the Phoenix
Please rise offa that penis
I mean it
The bitch levels are terror threat
Have we looked at ourself in the mirror yet?
Ain’t no bitch in me, call it Transgender
We brave as hell and I stand witcha HUH
A fuckboy possessing a vagina type
Bitches cross dressing, how do you identify?

CHORUS (repeated):

Shit be all types
Bitch is non binary
Shit be all types
Bitch is non binary
We’ll be alright
Fuck em all, they very sus


Wilidn’ with a queen crew
And thats you and you
But fuck you if you on the doo doo
Tryna take us down cuz you little
Ding a ling on the skittle
Makin it rain but can’t taste the rainbow
X to the chest and a bitch wore it best
Warrior from the nest
I fight
Though the black and the white figured out the light was me
Super saiyan with tequila on the bubbly
“Shut the fuck up you bitch” they say
All up with they dick
They play
Wish that had my klit
All day
Just so they could hit it
And pray
While it be bleeding
Cuz my pussy is JESUS
Angel be preachin
While you be leaning


You a bitch if you hitting womyn
You a bitch if you faking ignant
You a bitch if you watch and saying nothing
It’s so many rapists and cases that's not on the news
You a bitch if you plotting
Hot, yes i am, it’s got damn shame, and I’m prepared to take parts
Mogs stay silent, act like we lying
Standing by legends all cause of they artists
All these bitches be hating big and they real mad cuz my balls bigger
Toe to toe in the stall with ya
Dangerous and on call nigga
I ain’t scared to say names
Men get real bitchy when blamed
Ain’t no competition, we could all be bitches
Til the real implement change


Hey Bruh Bruh
We Ain't Fuckin with No Bitch Shit Bruh Bruh
Identify However You Wanna Identify Bruh Bruh
He / She / They /Them
All That Is Valid
But We Ain't Fuckin With No Bitch Shit Bruh Bruh
Not for the 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022...
You Know How We Move
We Keep It Bitchin
But We Ain't Fuckin With No Bitch Shit


Bitch is Such a Ripe Juicy Insult


from DON'T GET LAZY NOW!, track released February 26, 2019
Raps: Psalm One, Sophia Eris, Angel Davanport
Production: Optiks


all rights reserved



Psalm One aka Hologram Kizzie Chicago

Psalm One aka Hologram Kizzie is a veteran rap musician from Chicago, Illinois. Having gained notoriety being the first lady of Rhymesayers, she tours the globe, runs a youth mentoring program and releases music of the artists she believes in. Most recently, she's been building the alt-rap girl group The Rapperchicks.

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